Each FasTrac summer intern is given the opportunity to qualify for and earn advanced leadership certifications. These certifications signify the level of achievement each student has mastered. With more than 17 million college students, all looking for their “dream job,” employers need to see more than just a college degree on your resume. The types of certifications you earn through the FasTrac program are what employers look for in their top candidates.


FasTrac Training will become an effective reference for your future interviews.


The levels of achievement are:


Level 1

Sales and Marketing Certification

Learning to Communicate Effectively


Level 2

Team Certification

Learning to Lead and Work with Others


Level 3

Management Certification

Learning to Develop Others


Level 4

Organizational Leadership Certification

Learning to Lead an Organization


Level 5

Director Training Certification

Learning to Build a Business


Build a resume that gets the attention you deserve!

FasTrac Training and HonorGuard offer outstanding post-graduation career opportunities for highly trained and developed leaders.

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