Red Paper Wasp


Common Name:

Red Paper Wasp


Scientific Name:

Polistes carolina



The red paper wasp is the most prevalent and aggressive wasp in Middle

Tennessee and can range between 3/4 of an inch to an inch long. They are

narrow-waisted wasps with reddish-brown to dark red or orange coloring and are know for building papery nests that hang down similar in shape to that of an umbrella.


Places Most Commonly Found:

Overhangs, eaves, soffits, wooden siding, and the cracks around windows are the most common places red paper wasps are found.


Most Active Period:

Red paper wasps are active during the day and return to the nest at night.


Difficulty of Control:

Aerial nests of paper wasps can easily be eliminated using rapid knock-down insecticides or aerosol products specifically designed for this purpose. However, red paper wasps are a very resilient insect. Be safe and get a professional to deal with wasps.







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