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If you are not sure if the pest you are looking at is harmful or helpful around your home, check out our Pest ID Guide.


Simply click the pictures below to view details about a specific pest. Our Pest ID Guide will help you find and identify most of the common pests you are likely to encounter in and around your home. Edited by our own staff entomologist, this is meant to be a reliable resource to help you.


As you know there are thousands of insects, bugs and spiders around so this pest identification guide might not have some of the bugs you might encounter. If you can’t find the pest in question or you’re not sure if what you have is exactly like the pest pictured, then, take a picture and email it to or call us at 615-242-5440. It is our goal to help you determine what is dangerous and needs to be dealt with immediately from that which is just a nuisance.



Brown Recluse Spider

Black Widow Spider

German Cockroach

American Cockroach

Smokybrown Cockroach

Subterranean Termites

American Dog Tick

Brown Dog Tick


Carpenter Bee

Boxelder Bug

Carpet Beetle

Casemaking Clothes Moth


Indian Meal Moth

Lady Beetle

Carpenter Ant

Acrobat Ant

Blow Fly

House Fly

Cluster Fly

House Cricket

Paper Wasp


Red Wasp

Sawtoothed Grain Beetle


Oriental Roach

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