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Dear Parents,


Your son or daughter has just told you that they are planning to work with FasTrac this summer and that their job is going to be direct marketing HonorGuard Pest Management Services. Although this is true, there is so much more to what your child is about to experience. FasTrac Training will literally challenge and equip your child to discover his or her greatest potential. Up to this point, you have been a manager of your child’s life. As your child matures, your role changes to that of a consultant. We at FasTrac would like to join you in that process, as we implement a time tested process to expand your child’s knowledge and perspective to a level that few ever achieve. Your child will be much better prepared to grow to their fullest potential if they receive your blessing to do so.


Growing Through Mentoring


Jeff Hawley is the owner of FasTrac Training and HonorGuard Pest Management. He has more than 40 years of experience in training, equipping and developing college students. He has impacted the lives of more than 20,000 students through personal efforts. Jeff has witnessed first hand the effect of gaining the right tools to succeed in life. Many of those whom he has trained are top performers in the fields of medicine, education, non-profit development, accounting and almost any other career field imaginable.


Your student will also be mentored by one of our student managers. These are students who have shown their leadership ability and are committed to the success of other students. They will lead by example, equip the other students, and be an overall encourager through the entire FasTrac process. In addition to learning to sell, students learn the basics of running a small business.


Getting the Right Tools:


Your student is going to gain tools and skills that very few people ever obtain. It can be compared to the difference between using a regular hammer to build a house, and using a pneumatic hammer to build a house. It is possible to build a house with a regular hammer, but with a pneumatic hammer, the job gets done much more effectively and efficiently. FasTrac will give your student the confidence, tenacity, strength, and knowledge that top corporations are looking for and for which they are willing to pay.


Spreading the Success Wings:


Your son or daughter is going to find their wings and really learn to fly high. During the course of the summer, your student will work to develop a healthy self-esteem, learn to work effectively and confidently with others, and develop a fortified character. As your student returns each year, they will develop the skills necessary to communicate with confidence, develop and lead other students, develop and implement “real world” business plans, and grow a business that will truly change their life and the lives of others.


Earning Money:


Finally, you are probably aware that most college students leave college in debt. They are already in a negative monetary position when they start their career, and they spend several years paying off loans. At FasTrac we are dedicated to your student’s success, not only while they are working with us but even while they are in school. We want to see our summer interns not only survive, but truly thrive when they move past college into their career. If students work hard, are coach-able, and stay committed for the whole summer, they can expect to make more than $10,000 their first summer. When students return the second year with the same commitment, they can expect to make more than $20,000. If your student commits to the summer internship for four summers, and truly dedicates themselves to the process, they can expect to make more than $60,000 over the three year period. Obviously, this is not your typical summer opportunity.


Mentor… Tools… Wings… Money…


As you can see, this is an incredible opportunity for students! They will be much more successful if, as their parent, you lend them a word of encouragement to give their all to this internship. It will make an incredible difference in your student’s entire life. As a training and equipping program, FasTrac is committed to helping students reach their personal best, but we can only go so far. You, as their parent, have the greatest influence over their success!


Please encourage your student as they make this life changing commitment and are challenged to become the very best they can be.


If you have further questions or would just like to converse more about your student and his or her specific needs, do not hesitate to contact Jeff at (615) 579-4513. Thank you for entrusting your student to the FasTrac Training Summer Internship process. You will be pleased with the results.




Dear Jeff,


Many, many thanks for the time, love, patience, income and wisdom that you have given to our son, Mark, through the FasTrac internship program. He is turning out to be a man that we are very proud of as his parents. Admittedly, we were skeptical at first, but soon realized Mark was being challenged to learn and grow in ways that even a college education doesn’t provide a young person. Mark’s discipline level and overall people skills have really emerged from the training and field work of meeting so many customers on a one to one basis. We are very grateful for the mentoring and caring you have invested into Mark and his career and personal development. As parents, we couldn’t have wished for better mentors, not only to help Mark save enough to help pay his way through Clemson, but to attain five consecutive semesters of a 4.0 grade point average since his first summer with your internship! We really enjoyed the awards banquet, getting to meet Mark’s work buddies and hearing many of their incredible tales from their experiences this past summer.


Thanks again for everything!



Beth O.


“The FasTrac Internship is, by far, one of the best decisions I have ever made. In addition to earning over $60,000 in three summers, I have developed the discipline and time management skills that have helped me to earn a 4.0 GPA for three semesters in a row!”

~ Mark 0., Clemson University Alumni




Parent FAQ’s


Q. Where will my child be living?


A. Your son or daughter will be living in a “student apartment” with other students throughout the summer. The apartments offer a safe and convenient place for your son or daughter. The cost of the apartment will be $600 for the entire summer.


Q. Is it safe for my son or daughter to do direct marketing to homes?


A. Your son or daughter will be marketing to homes in middle and upper income communities. Your student is in daily contact with other students, FasTrac mentors, student managers and HonorGruard Pest Management student administrators.


Q. How much money can my child make?


A. Here is how your student makes money:


First: Your student will make most of their money through their direct marketing effort. The average first year student will make over $8,000 during a thirteen week summer.


Second: Your student can also live rent free by achieving a 100 contract level in the summer.


Q. Is this a reputable company that my child is working with?


A. As a result of the work of students through FasTrac Training, and a dedicated commitment to customer satisfaction, HonorGuard is a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. HonorGuard maintains a great reputation within the community.




“Dear FasTrac Team,


Thanks you for the opportunity to express my thoughts on your program. As we’ve discussed, Amy and I are extremely pleased with your FasTrac program and the experience it provided for our son, Eric.


Initially, we had all the normal apprehensions a typical parent can conceive. As we investigated the program with Eric, our concerns slowly evaporated. As a young man, I had a similar opportunity and realized how it benefited me in my career. I quickly grew excited for Eric to experience the same kind of developmental opportunity.


Each day, we waited to hear from Eric. We cheered his successes with him. We felt the deep disappointment and pain of his “learning experiences”, the days where he made numerous calls with no sales. But we encouraged him to continue and he grew stronger with each day.


The transformation was awesome to watch. As the summer progressed, he grew more confident in his abilities and knowledgeable about many aspects of success – as well as life in general. Eric went to Nashville a wide-eyed young man and returned a focused, confident and successful man.


I absolutely recommend this program for anyone who feels they have the desire to learn the basic formula for success – discipline, hard-work and focus. These skills will insure your success, personally and professionally, regardless the path you choose for your life.



Tony C.”


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