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Tired of battling mosquitoes in your back yard? Honorguard provides safe and effective treatment for mosquitoes and ticks so that you and your family can enjoy your back yard again.


During the spring and summer months it seems there are always reports of viral outbreaks spread by mosquitoes in the news. Almost annually now we can expect to see reports and worries about West Nile, Tripe 'E' (Eastern Equine Encephalitis), St. Louis Encephalitis, and the Bird Flu in the news. These are three viral illnesses that are transported by mosquitoes and can infect humans.


In addition, Chikununya and Zika have now become prevalent. The cause for concern with a lot of these viruses is that they mimic or are very similar to cold and flu symptoms so a lot of people do not seek medical attention soon enough. It is paramount that mosquito borne illnesses are detected and treated as early possible to lessen the effects of these viruses, some of which can be fatal.


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