House Fly


Common Name:

House Fly


Scientific Name:

Musca domestica



Adults are 1/8″ to 1/4″ (4 – 7.5mm) long. The house fly picture shows the dull

gray in color with 2 velvety stripes on face; silver above and gold below. Thorax

has 4 narrow longitudinal stripes on dorsal side.


Places Most Commonly Found:

Eggs are laid in moist material.  Larva seek a cool, dry place to pupate.  Common House Fly adults are general feeders being attracted to a wide variety of material from excrement to human foods. A house fly infestation can be a royal pain that most people would like to avoid altogether.


Most Active Period:

Mid March to Mid November.  Present in warmer weather during the winter.


Difficulty of Control:

House fly control is easy if sanitation issues are corrected.



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