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If you have been looking for an opportunity to get real world experience and grow in the process, FasTrac Training might be what you are looking for. If selected to be a part of the FasTrac Team you will get more than 75 hours of professional mentoring and training in your first year.



The FasTrac Internship is offered in 3 wonderful cities: Nashville, TN, Knoxville, TN, and Atlanta, GA.



Students will live together in apartments. The cost is only $600 for the summer and is pre-paid by the students. Students will also cover utilities between each other.



Throughout the summer students in the FasTrac Internship program will come in contact with more than 5000 different people. As a result, the students will develop an incredible self-confidence, communication skills, and people skills. The result of this experience equips students with the very skills top level employers are looking for.



In the FasTrac Internship students are surrounded by others who are striving to become the best they can be. As a result, students challenge each other to reach high goals. Students in the program develop long term friendship and network with one another as they look toward their future career success.


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